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 Another group of incredible Phlebotomist's trained at PTS!

We always tell people, the more students the better !! Our staff of 17 instructors from the top facilities on the Wasatch Front will be there to help you with every blood draw you do.  The bigger the class the better, the wider variety of arms you get to see! Don't get stuck in a class with 5 -10 students, if the school allows you to, you will draw blood on each person one time and be done!! We trained students from 32 different states in 2009 who flew to Salt Lake City and trained with us due to our unique way of training, and then flew home to their new jobs! Train with the largest and best Phlebotomy School in the United States!

Brian Treu, owner of Phlebotomy Training Specialists                                   Kat Ragsdale from the Huntsman Cancer Institute sharing with two students a few of his tricks of the                                        Phlebotomy team standing at right in Burgandy  trade that he has developed after completing over                                                 scrubs, teaching students how to locate veins, and  259,000 successful blood draws in the last 18 years.                                    prepare them for venipuncture.     

This is the area of the Murray classroom where the book training takes place.  Audio visual equipment, large white boards, and other training aides make the training experience the best it can be!  


This is Amanda Fullerton, from the Primary Children's Hospital Phlebotomy Team teaching a student a few techniques on doing specimen collection out of the top of the hand. A skill that many schools do not teach their students.  Amanda graduated the program and within one year was working on the Primary Children's Hospital Phlebotomy Team.  Amanda got her National Certification from our facility along with approx. 125 blood draws and within two weeks was working at a University in their health department drawing blood.  All students will be trained by Amanda as well as other highly competent staff members from all across the Wasatch Front.

This area is known as the "draw wall" and this                                                An organized and structured training room is the
is where your hands on training occurs.                                                          best way to learn the art and skill of Phlebotomy.
All draw stations are lit from above and have                                                  This classroom will only accommodate up to 16
excellent access to all supplies and equipment                                               students at a time so register early!

This is a typical draw station along the "draw                                                  Large white boards and spacious desks makes  wall". Notice the ergonomic draw stations and                                                this location great for didactic training.           supplies within reach during blood drawing.                                                    
This ensures safety and control during the                                   
blood drawing procedure!